Physical or Mental

I hope you never have to go through

What has happened to some

Pain agonizing

Wishing with everything

just to be numb

Gruelling moments of torment

Not knowing whether to scream or cry

Summoning strength just

Not to wish to die

Anything Anything to get away from this

No more moments of peace

should we have to miss


Physical or mental

There’s not much between

When intense stress hits

It can be an awful scene

How do we get back to

Feeling healthy and well

Instead of going through an unbearable hell?

Maintain faith and optimism

It’s all we can do

Push to believe that we can

so we can make it through


Take practical steps to heal and recover

Do what we can

Hope for help from another

Calm waves of patience

Tolerance and time

Eventually arrive

As we reach and climb

Further with care

For our body and mind


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