A Piece of Time

A piece of time

One single moment

Washing against the shore


Peace of mind

Knowing what the dream meant

Calm and patient to the core


Years go by

I think about time spent

Imagine what’s in store


Appeasing sky

Cloudy grey, still heaven-sent

Texture can’t be ignored


Life persists

No matter the dreary day

Going about our business


Through the mist

We reach out to have our say

The sky our only witness


Life’s turns and twists

Under water creatures play

Or above clouds in their highness


The day insists

There is another way

A balanced world won’t defy us


The light is true

Even if it’s hiding

Darkness is never forever


This sight is new

The future is arriving

Harshness is quick to sever


Our might runs through

Each breath forward-guiding

We harness the wind and the weather


Night for me and you

May be cold and blinding

But day is always

Our next endeavour


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