Society Flying

Intelligent social creatures

Bursting freely into an open space

Flooding into branches and roosts

Never reckless or consumed by haste


Greed is not real when

They fight for their life

Wanting what they need

It’s how they feed

Competition within the light

Wild creatures come into sight


Every day keeping it real

We think we have a feel for it

They have their world

With appeal

They have to steal

every meal for it


They are heard

A loud bird

Caw and call intensely

But our unfair words

Make us sure

Of the rise and fall we are sensing

A flock of crows is a murder

So sinister

With our false pretences


Soaring high above

Almost any single story

Truth or fiction

Each outcome can be so important

When they hold bold wisdom

For our future glory

In lives we are adoring

We always want more

But when we see through biased eyes

Key views that we ignore

Prevent us from sharing

Resources we are storing


Like when we hold back love

from a certain group of people

Because they seem different

We label them

Trouble or evil

They may not be bad at all

Often just trying to survive

In the methods that they’re accustomed

We all have ways to stay alive

We put our heads down and drive

We should be trying harder

To help all of our worlds jive


Dancing intertwined

falling through the atmosphere

By chance we are inclined

All together without fear

Intolerance, an unkind calling

Cleansed quickly, the air is clear

We enhance the mind we haul

by looking in the mirror

One glance and we find

We are all so similar here

The stance to take is kindness

Call off every single tear


Crows may divebomb an eagle

In their fight for territory

An eagle arrives calm

Demands respect

Would never have to say sorry

Eagles rise much higher

Known as an honourable bird

Killing machines demand more praise

Sometimes I think it’s absurd

Unlike the hard-working crow

A common super-smart scavenger


Don’t get me wrong

Precision is cool

An eagle is regal

And rarely a fool

Their carnivorous skill

Sometimes so impressive

Yet the crow we all know

Can seem way more aggressive 

If we listen closer 

their voice is suggestive

Of ancient wisdom

From sunlight or shadows

Of the illusions and insights

That we always have had close


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