Simple Math, Just Out of the Way

Working intensely

on the edge of nothing

Speaking boldly

into a void

The triumphs I celebrate

are recycled in the archives

Taking up space like expired days


Why can’t they hear me?

Is my time hiding?

Or did they place it

where it can’t be reached

Just out of the way?


Scrambling up a hill

Breaking into a run

Breathing heavy

Into my lungs

The patience I demonstrate

Is ignored

By the roadside

Not recognized

By those going my way


Why don’t they give a F**K

While they are comfortably riding?

Should I just face it

There are so many creeps

Too many empty seats

Expecting to be paid?


We are scary

Who is caring

While we bust our a$$?

I don’t have a million dollars

But feel higher

Than those that are


In the supposedly

upper social class

Folks suffer here

And much further below

To me it seems obvious

There should be a better flow

Against the grain

To fight pain

In simple ways that clearly show


Be kind

Whenever you have the chance

Simple math

To help wellness advance

If everyone tries

We will reach new highs

Some folks always dodge out

On what I’m talking about

No effort or attempts

Dragging us down

No doubt

So let’s make plans to enhance

Take the chance

Be kind in life

Help wellness advance


Working intently to get something going

Speaking freely

Into the day

The success I celebrate 

Many miles ahead of exile

This saving grace

is a desired phase


Why can’t we take the moment?

Is our time hiding?

Or did we place it

where it can’t be reached

Just out of the way?


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