Love Never Fails When We Keep it New

I say stuff

In conversation sometimes

It might not mean that much

No matter what I say to you

I don’t mean to seem out of touch

Intentions may come through

Thankfully in the clutch

I hope we can always get along

But it might not be as such

Ungrounded opinion in the world is a major crutch

With which we should never judge


I’m not saying my opinion is a gem

Anchored in the ground

I sometimes shoot out there

like an arrow

that never will be found

But with best of intentions

for kindness to resound


If we could always do the same

And take much better aim

Healthy discussion will come round

Together our hearts will pound

And wellness will abound


I wish we could always get along

for all of time

Make it through

All the details

None of us

Going off the rails

If we could be true about who is who

With best intentions

Forget some actions

Lost in the moment

I am me and you are you

Let’s find a plan in what we do

Love never fails

When we keep it new


But thats just my opinion

A personal point of view

Yet when I think about it

I know that it is true

I’m no sentimental fool

I don’t just speak from my heart

At times

I just don’t care what’s cool

My brain still stays smart

We can be tough enough to refresh

Discover new love

Embrace it as a rule

I might say stuff 

Science and an art

Language is a tool


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