No Outcast

Artwork by Lee Matuga

Roving through the days

And I fell flat on my face

Nothing you can say

Can make me feel out of place

I was down before

Hitting the hard cold floor

The fact I’m standing now

Should mean a whole lot more


Climbing steepest stairs

Reach the top again

If I ever have to come back down

It won’t have been in vain


The framed paintings

down the hallways

Are not the same as before

They change all the time now

They are in my head

While I’m waiting at the door


I look to the future

Stay safe from falling fast

Climb up to the attic

To recognize the past

A window is the present moment

With great care

Good times can last

We look forward still

To every new thrill

And hope expectations

can be surpassed

If I get down and out

I won’t fill with doubt

No way to be outclassed

Clear as day

I’ll be okay

I am no outcast


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