Balancing Books with Daily Life

Can I tell the story of my day?

I’m going to tell it anyway

It started out the same

Which means that things

were going okay

With room for potential chaos

And as usual, we have to make ends meet

And as usual, we make our way

But I fell for a second

When I couldn’t see the outcome

I wasn’t stopping

I stayed up 

Assured myself

No doubt

Just be more CALM


As I tell my story of this and every day

I wonder if you will follow

as I make my way

My thoughts may seem too slow

But I would never know

Unless you said out loud to me

“Hey, let’s get on with the F’n show”

And as I speed up fast

My meaning you should grasp

If you hold on tight to this insight

Clearly you may pass

This is simple math

We are all in the same class


We fight for what’s right

But it depends on the light

That shines through our own looking glass

Whatever we see

In our right to be free

Depends on the questions we ask

If we remain silent

When our world is violent

We won’t find the keys that we need to

reach peace

Telling a story

May seem boring

But might truly combat

the blind hate and greed


So I wake up to the morning

Greet the day with a hot coffee

After dreams

My mind is as black as night

or a full-size photocopy

Sunrise gleams and finds me with its light

Her optimism’s caught me

I get showered, shaved and ready

Put on the T-shirt my kids bought me


Wearing jeans usually

or shorts in the summer

Comfort clothes when I can

Still not quite an ordinary strummer

Normally check our emails on my laptop

And do projects on my phone

A blast of words can change a lot

I am grateful to have a home

Pit stick, brush teeth

Put active treads on

My sole has stones like no one knows

A quick bite and then I’m gone


Down the walkway

Thorny bushes glowing warm

As sun trickles down the stems

The morning is brightened 

My senses heightened

As I stop to admire

Life’s next round of gems

I pronounce my love

For all life from above

And get in my dated SUV

I will always be free

With my love and me

No matter the road

or sharp-turning system


Many years driving

Leaving and arriving

Experience that would shatter an image

Now it becomes clear

We can wipe off the smear

I take more care in my mileage

Than those thinking they’re styling

That tailgate and lear

In my rear view mirror 

And for decades that matter I care more

In my daily pilgrimage


Now when I get to work

They don’t think I’m a jerk

For sharing my destinations and travels

Despite a few quirks

Like unpredictable smirks

To my loving heart this fascination unravels

I support youth and fight for the truth

For kids extra-challenged and disabled

Arm chair judges should eliminate their unfair gavels

And big money should come to the table


People need help

While money is

Sitting idle

Banking for generations that may never exist

Many people suffer

Adults and kids

Despite all

The resources locked away

While our lives are dismissed

Think about the wealth

And the best use for it

How can they deny wellness

When the money would not be missed?


Organize money into wellness machines

Teams that work together

Who know what “best health” means

Each one of us working towards

More functioning and less suffering

More pleasure and peace

Where our bills of health are clean

And clearcut deprivation of resources doesn’t come between

I work to do my part and try to make the scene


People we help

Find increased health

Functioning in their own life better

For anyone we reach out to

Aim to increase their wealth of good feelings

Help everyone be their own go-getter

In our minds we can boost our own mood

Find ways to extend that to others

If we are kind we can choose to share food

If we are smart we help them discover 


Coming home from work

Traffic is bad

Many folks seem to have no patience 

Sometimes I’m included

But I’ve concluded

That ridiculous gas stations

And unfair tax dissipation

In rooted for riches

Confused and paranoid

Greedily over-protecting

Wealthy, devoid

Of care

And understanding of means

For actual wellness creation


Home without question 

Should absolutely be

Where the heart is

Everyone needs to have one

It’s absolutely key

Where the day starts and ends

Where there’s safety 

And there with care

Surely health builds

Work cannot progress without passion

And that’s truly free

But it must be harnessed

Before we can grab on

To who in fact we truly are


Our experience of health is a certain identity

It is what we make it

Sometimes it’s all we can ever be

Every person exists in their environment

Time and space

Prime time and place is

How our life is spent

We are all one of a kind

Trying to keep pace

Every mind and face 

In my opinion heaven-sent


As I arrive at home

With this poem 

I hope you know

Just what I’ve meant

My better half knows

And it shows

But what about the government?

We are fine for a while

Then we’re up against

All of it again

Some folks are way deep down

And may not be found

And what the F is going on for them?


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