What is couth?

What is couth?

You know what I mean?

Can I speak the truth

Or is it too obscene?


I am going to be

perfectly blunt

This is not just another

publicity stunt

I mean business this time

I’m not F’n around

When we’re on solid ground

I’m going to town

I’m speaking my mind

You will hear the sound


You don’t need to get out and push

And Please no more

beating around the bush

This ride is streamlined

If we keep up with the times

They may not always be fast

But you can’t

Rush the cush

If your mind is racing

That’s a bit too much

Strong calm is couth

You know what I mean?

Get in the groove

Like a well-oiled machine


I’m going to be totally up front

These thoughts are for all of us

while we’re on the hunt

There is no beating time

As the world spins around

Peace, not Lost

Should be found

Only locked doors

Freely pound

Work hard to be kind

And less folks will feel down


Best if we all

could keep hearts in touch


is truly

Such a crutch


Deep inside all can be fine

If we keep calm thoughts

more of the time

This is something that we should discuss

We can’t fuss if it’s plush

Like my mind gets hasty

If I’m out of touch

Kindness is couth

You know what I mean?

Walk a while in their shoes

Don’t stomp them with greed


Couth is an angle

A perspective

A tradition

Sometimes accepted by many

Sometimes by just a few

If our world has plenty

We must still keep an open mind

To respect those with less and share any view

Any view that isn’t harmful

No matter how new

In what others do

People are couth

You know what I mean?

Give everyone their dues

So we can grow synergy


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