A Bridge

People make a bridge

to carry precious freight

The river rushes underneath

Calmly vessels wait

This link spins fast turning

like a store’s revolving door

The world opens up and may seem rich

with a natural resource

but there’s a hitch

We must keep connected

Crossing our courageous course


People make a wish

And complain if it is late

In privilege some believe

They deserve a better fate

Heads spin fast and turn

Away from more necessary chores

They pillage the world

And may seem rich

with less care at their core

but what they miss is

How we are each connected

Causing consequences

on our own accord


We do what we think is best


People just don’t care

Truth is that often

We would care for the rest

But we largely remain unaware 

Unable to see

or hear

Past barriers

Sometimes it’s hard to understand each other

In the messages sent

And lessons learned

Our world hinges

on the viewpoints that we discover


Pay attention to every angle

To get the best view

We may need to think out of the box

I am trying to make it seem easy

To get the best view

An open vision

Helps us get past the locks

Willing to look at all sides

Helping others to see the same

The banks and bottom are sure guides

But the human perspective is our only frame


People build a bridge

To connect to a new place

Sometimes to give them much more peace

Enter a calm head space

The key spins fast turning

At the core resolving more

The world we need opens

and may seem rich

With new moral supports

But if that’s our wish

And we are so connected:

Be cool, keeping calm and considerate

on everyone’s crash course


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