A Week’s Worth

Calm blanket of clouds

A quiet awakening

Peering out

to welcome the week

The sun is not shy

Just has yet to shed

That grey robe

Glowing w/ vibrant shapes

Of drifting dreams

Sinking into the day and

Landing loudly in our life

Or vanishing into

Waves of the future

To be seen again



We stay shining and proud

And never forsaken

No fear and doubt

Only kind goals we seek

The sun will not lie

But hides for the best

Across today’s globe

We row on oceans and lakes

Drift calm on sunbeams

Each moment sunlight breaks

Truly thirsting for light

Aim to relish all the

Days of the present

That the future

Will borrow


Work week passes by

Living poetry

Look up to the sky

Endless possibility

Chasing stars

Connectin dots

Dreams go further

Sharing thoughts

Energy travels

From origins intense

Resting light or expanding

If we spare more moments

Common sense to share

Stars, moon or sun

Strength in understanding

I hope your weekend is fun!


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