Night’s Music

At night awake in my bed

Sound of rain coming down

Like an orchestra

Full of enthusiastic emotion


Light has forsaken the dead

Whipping branches thrashing

Blustery eavesdrop splashing

Twigs in chorus claw


The gutters’ devotion


High pitch notes

All they know

Fast finger tips flow on

A wild and wet winter piano


Night awakes in my head

Now a train’s familiar sound

With it’s focused blasts

Fast wheels whir and hum with emotion

For miles shaking the dead

Whistling past each crossing

Twisting, turning and tossing

Tracks squealing metal

Each car shudders

Nightmares and dreams in motion

Soothing notes

As they roll

Like on a moonlight stroll

Sinking into sunrise and my mind’s goals


Day and night

Bright sound

All around

Mighty music moving fast

Emotion always coming down


A symphony


Comes down in blasts

Emotion coming from the sound

The mood in our mind often lasts

Awake at night

Bright sound all around

Mighty music moving fast

Emotion always coming around

Get up or down

The spell is cast


“Can’t take the night,” I’ve never said

Found my pain is calming down

The torch is passed

Now I can celebrate emotion

Just can’t fake it to get ahead

After days we’re crashing

A positive attitude is smashing

This life is such a blast

No rushing

The independent notion

The purest notes

We’ll ever know

When our dreams grow and flow

Into the optimistic tomorrow

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