Save The Underdog

Right now

We’re learning how

To save this place

And take a bow

Nothing we do

Should be taken for granted

Our words are true

Written or chanted

Dip down low

Admit the advantage

Life’s for show

Doesn’t mean we planned it

Give us some credit

For setting things right

Help us stay steady

Bring our dreams to the light


Right now

We should learn how

To save this place

Fallow fields plow

Good things we do

Should not be taken for granted

Kind words that are true

Care for when planted

Cradle till high

Promote the advantage

Life we know

Should get more help standing

Give us some credit

For fighting the fight

Help us get ready

Till our life’s in the light


Ease our mind

With adequate resources

Don’t leave us behind

Use all your forces

If you stockpile, hoard and sit on surplus

You’re not being fair

No matter what your discourse is

Change the system

Change the taxes

Top dogs ignore us

That’s what the fact is

Change our mind

So people don’t suffer

Help us get better

For the bottom line


Right Now

We should all learn how

To save this place

For love avow

All that we do

Wouldn’t be taken for granted

These words are true

Offered not demanded

As far as we go

Care has the advantage

No one we know

Should go empty-handed

Give us some credit

For efforts out of sight

Help us keep getting

Dreams for life to the light


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