Dream Smart

Break of day is running free

Has to be insanity

That’s just the way it seems to be

Although quite clearly

The truth is more surprising


Make our way

Have fun with me

Think you get causality?

Things aren’t always what they seem to be


What we think is only science

When broadly understood

Just for you is fantasy

Dream smart to keep it good


Breaking day is crushing me

Why use the word “insanity?”

Is that the way it seems to be?

Because quite clearly

The truth seems too compromising


Make your way

You are done with me

Think you get causality?

Things may turn out the way you see


What we need is an alliance

Where we care like we should

Follow through on plans we need

Work smart to make life good


I remember the days of my youth

And the truth

I couldn’t have told anyone else

Then you took my hand

And I still understand

This is something

I’ve always wanted and calmly felt


We should work hard

AND work smarter

Do both until we can

Rely on the day

To take care of itself

and Everybody else


Break of day is drowning me

It’s what you call ”insanity”

Look deep into the way it seems to be

Quite clearly

Truth is more than all the mind sees


Find our way

Get blunt with me

Challenging causality

Include synchronicity


What we think is still science

But just may be misunderstood

Get up to take the stand we need

Dream hard to make life good


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