Listen to the Wind

Before I begin

I stop and listen to the wind

Sweeping through the trees

Cleansing all the leaves

To my core reaching deeper

Into my heart

And in my head

Orange and yellow

And bright red

All now swirling

Winter clean

Into the Earth

Till spring grows green


History awakes

A new day breaks


It starts to sink in

A cold winter wind

Ripping through trees

Barren of leaves

Now souls reach deeper

Into kind hearts

and into our heads

Wishes we follow

Thoughts left for dead

Moon overturning

Forgotten dreams

Outside the Earth

No season is seen


History seems fake

As new stars awake


No precedent found

For the sky or the ground

Break through days

Sharing fair ways

No causing pain

For personal gain

No attacks on our peace

Just because movements cease

Support the vulnerable with care

Stay more aware

Difference on the surface

Should not be feared but reassure us

We all deserve to live well


Our shared life has begun

And with the river run

Swept into the sea

Surging mystery

Vision getting clearer

Into my heart

And in my head

Once thought shallow

Now deep instead

Ages swirling

Cross-currents mean

Within the Earth

Kind channels clean


History is at stake

As a new day breaks


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