Passion Branching Out

Day melts like anger

channeled into steam

Breathing in the logical conclusion

of today’s fiery turmoil

The slope of a mountain we climb

Shines red with rivers of

Passion branching out

tomorrow hardening to form our resolution and


becoming grey as concrete

Plumes to ease our mind’s tension


Fuel for flame falls

Through night and day

Hues of red and orange idle

Locked for now or forever

in calm grey and green

Of waking dreams

Crawling over years

like clouds roll into vision

Tears preserve future life

Growing resolution to move forward in new days

Breathing heights of tomorrow

Fanning flora not fire


Excruciating loss

Again and Again

Maybe not for each of us

But for one time in a life

We should make a difference

when we can spare resources

If we can’t accept the rain

Sorrow thundering down

We may surrender to beauty

In another waking day

Strain comfort from humanity

Black out the darkest pain

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