Time to Meditate for Peace

Can we find some time to meditate

Or at least feel Peace in the moment?

Please give us signs of well-being and Wisdom

Look at a symbol of nature

that is calm

A flower or a fence

No vision out of place

If you can embrace opposition and then face

The world with a smile

that overrides the system


Can we find time to meditate

Work to create peace for more moments?

Recognize signs of sacrifice and progress

Accept symbols of nature

that are known best

A flower or a friend

Everyone in this place

If you can keep pace with contradiction and then base

Our world on the light

We have inside that grows blessed


To find peace inside

and clear our mind of gross pride

Are the first steps that will guide

Peace in our life and worldwide

But we have to believe it

Cleanse our minds and retrieve it

From the most chaotic days

Dark and dirtiest ways

Find the light that stays with us

Through all time that won’t hide

When we conceive it



Can we find time to meditate

Be allowed peace for more moments?

Follow the signs and find more sense and meaning

Worship symbols of nature

Now convening

A flower and face

Won’t feel out of place

If you can save grace with protection and then chase

A world out of sight

We make alright with a mission of peace



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