Open Door Policy

They say I’m way too overboard

But I know I’m ahead of the game

I’m off the wall

But on the ball

And everyone knows my name


I’ve got one foot out the door

And one foot on the gas

Scoot far past the corner store

Save our whole world fast

I’m off to work

Such a perk

Hey brains: Just keep pace!


Energy together

Better watch it


We’ve got

One chance



Need to be who we are

Feeling need deep inside

To share strong connection

Harmony or dissonance

Realize selection overrides


Don’t fight others because they’re different

Only if they’re cruel

Peace is powerful logic to me

Love is powerful fuel


Staying far away from a distant shore

I’m unaware so it’s just the same

But I’m on call

To fight for all

Got no one to blame


Got a foot in the door

And one just past the line

Work so hard in life to score

To stay on side and stay on time


I’ll be your friend

Until the end

It’s our future that we face


Good days come and go some more

Did our best but hard times came

Hear our call or

Prepare to fall

Then rise higher for fortune and fame

Put one foot through the door

Mouth words that never rend

Don’t let your towel hit the floor today

Time is on the mend

You are a true godsend

Love for you won’t go away or ever ever end


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