Communication Affects Me, How About You?

Don’t say too much

Or not enough

It’s your decision

In favour of the rush


Hope things work out

Clutch the connection

Gears changing fast

Trigger our suspicion


So we pile on affection

Until truth shines through

Of all we have done

And all we can do

Communication affects me

How about you?


Don’t think too much

But just enough

It’s your decision

When life gets tough


Hope they understand

Bridge the disconnect

Our fuse can’t last

When their power’s corrupt


So we beg for attention

Until truth breaks through

Of what should be done

And all we can do

Anticipation isn’t best for me

How about you?


What can I say?

Feels like I already said too much

I hear your words

And hang on every one of them


What am I supposed to think?

This life is so out of touch

In conformity we’re immersed

Held back hard because we stand out


The super natural is scorned

Angels treated like deranged criminals

I must say:

Compassion seems ignored

And in society so minimal

Now I have to think

I’m punished for being kind


What can I do

If I have only one thing on my mind?


To make life better for us

Leave neglect and suffering behind


What can I do?

I’m so in love with you

The world refuses to change

It’s up to me and you


I say too much

But not enough

It’s not my decision

In favour of the rush


When things work out

We trust our connection

I aim to share what I’ve learned

With everyone else


So I pile on affection

Until Health shines through

With all I’ve done

And all I can do

Communication affects me

How about you?


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