Today We Ask for More (What do they have against it?)

Today we ask for more

Someone is up against it

Have mercy and show care

Tears are on the way


Fire fills the sky

Smoke makes the day turn grey

Now Joy for us arrives

when we breathe

Fresh clear air


Today we awake

And the world may seem fair:

The moment we engage with life

Peacefully aware


Today we ask for more

Now we’re up against it

Mercy shines as we care

Your smile lights up the room


Rain hits the window

Wind plays our favourite tune

Joy we always know

as we hear

Sounds to share


Music in our groove

Makes the world so fair:

The moment harmony starts to glow

Intense and aware


Grey sky boiling

And we ask for more

Let’s give all we’ve got


For life to be fair and to enjoy more

We have to stir the pot

Richest flavours must come through

Mixed together cold or hot

There’s nothing

Love can’t do

To get us through this spot


Build a shelter

Mercy feeds

Combine efforts for basic needs



Today we ask for more

What do they have against it?

Mercy shows how to care

A Voice for every day


Lightening bridges a gap

Thunder echoes words we say

Joy to be given back

As we speak

Plans for care


Maybe turned away

Life’s not always fair

The moment we crash

Get back on track

Calmly more aware


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