Bell Tolls Summertime Goals

Soft petals shape a kind bell that tolls

Beckoning bees, butterflies and our best summertime goals

Free in the air

Protected by science

Flourishing dreams and a loving alliance

Between friends and families

from far and wide

Difference and barriers set to the side

We jump into tomorrow…


Well maybe we’re not there

Not quite yet

Curl up in the morning

Dew still is wet

But Us creatures can surface

And find a way up

The bell of weary life

upside-down becomes a drinking cup

If we reach up higher

Take care to stay safe

Prickly branches of today

won’t weaken us or chafe


In mind I keep record

My soul opens up

In school we need a lesson

About nettles corrupt

Flowers dazzle distinguished

Not all divine

I’ve learned at the base

Where all stems combine

Weed out invasive

Plants unfair in cahoots

Save the wild flowers

Help life grow from their roots


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