Brushing Off Our Dreams

Shaking off our dreams

We cleanse our thoughts in the first morning seconds

Like brushing sand off a seashell

And adding it to our collection

Steamy showers wash away blurred vision

Clean the new day

A pristine treasure

Pure life we find in waking thought

Lucidity emerges

To fulfill our wishes


Breaking into scenes

The fierce challenge of each day beckons

Like the test that we have to take

Then we ace it with affection

Rolling waves carry us across oceans

Find the new day

Take good measure

Sink feeling into every thought

Flowing emotion surges

Riding high with calm wishes


Soaking in our dreams

Keys to reality from early check-ins

Like calming waves over castles

And our footprints’ resurrection

Streaming life we calmly change the channel

Run a new day

Squishing pleasure

Into boots of bubbles and soothing thought

Washing away anxious urges

Gratitude for sea-sides’ sandy riches

Peace in knowing our own wishes

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