Phantom Birds of Prey


Join the phantom

For seconds

Caught in our tracks

Anoint the shy moon

That flickers

Wake up

sleeping facts

Both Mystic and Mundane

See the

Distant morning glow

Promises blue

Then escapes

Taking all that we know

Magic wanes

Curves out of sight

Cloudy moment


The last Dream of night 


Join birds of prey

High above

Sailing over the day

Rise to the hunting sun

That hovers

Saves us

Diving for prey

Both Nurturing and Vital

Seize the

Blue forever

Gives us every

Last minute

Then takes all hours together

Magic stays

On fire through time

Perfect sphere


All corners of our Mind


Join the phantom?

Bird of prey?

Stay true to the dream

At the points of our talons

Take the pain away


With immaculate balance


Join the phantom

Birds of prey

We are all

Living the dream

Rise to the challenge

Work hard and pay


Gaping mouths at our talons


Join the calm dream

Taking over

Peace of mind begins

The choice to persevere


Discover strengths within

Both Physical and Mental

See the flame inside as pure

Promises true

And Profound

The moment is

Now for sure

Magic stays

As the candle burns

Lights up all our dreams

and all Life’s

Twists and Turns


Join the phantom

Birds of prey

We should all

Dare to dream

Spot truth in just one glance 

For wishes to stay


Sun and moon keep our balance


Join the phantom

Birds of prey

Flying high

Above the Earth

Imagine days as dreams enhance

Like words we say


With vision we find balance


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