Love All

Love for all?

That’s a great call

What a fall!

I’d do it again

(Love’s insane)


Words you share

Make me aware

How to care

What a brain:

No love in vain


Love to think

It’s always special

We all are

It’s what we do


Love I think

Must be special

We all are

All of you!

(this much is true)


If I go far away

Find a place to stay

Love will stay true

It’s all I can do


If we don’t speak again

I may have to pretend

That love wasn’t true

If it’s all I can do


But love’s always true

It’s built in the meaning

and loves always new

Sometimes just repeating


Love for all?


Again and again


True love is the real thing

It’s all that I’ve searched for

Now that I’ve found it

I ain’t giving up


We should all love each other

But the ones that we’re meant for

Feel it resounding

and mean more to us


Love for all

A great call


Do it again


When Love becomes sane

Do it again

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