Peaceful Path

Many urgent moments

Without peace of mind

“Hurry get it done”

they say

“But Take your time!”?

Rushing to get ready

Rushing out the door

Trying to be steady

So we can work some more

Run errands

Fight traffic

Then Rush to get home

Calm seconds

I think:

Rushing’s wrong but when in Rome?


Many converging moments

With my peace of mind

“Slow down, be as one”

they say

“But don’t waste any time!”

Focus on each second

Focus on your work

Just try to reckon

Stop acting like a jerk

Speak calmly

Be perfect…

Focus on what you do

Be charming

I know:

Focus fast

for all of you

Because this is what we do

Until Everything is new


Everything is new

Morning colours exploding

Lines of symmetry, outstanding angles

Fresh vision is exposing

Fine glimmers free from tangles

I don’t rush past the moment

I slow down to see fall blooms

The smell of open air outweighs the fact that winter looms

I keep baseless fear in check

I stay present with injury

Call it a “a pain in the neck”

and nothing worse than it may seem

I try not to stress on tomorrow

Or look too far back

I look for assistance to borrow

Not the power hungry to attack

I have a certain awareness

Not always on a dime

The system forgets fairness

Nickels a waste of time

Should be a small penny

To be cared for by all of those

To find good Love and not lose touch

Or let resentment superimpose

To dollars be defensive

Share all that we still have



Hard work

Common sense to a Peaceful path

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