Our Time is on the Line

IMG_6315 (002)

A race for the sun

We take a solo flight

There is no other way

There is no other fight

If we’re lucky we enjoy life more

The course we choose always matters

Our control comes from the core

In the sun’s progress the old us shatters

Our time is left behind

A future undefined


The race is won together

The end is always near

Quickly on the same page

We lose our nervous fear

If we’re lucky we enjoy life more

The path we choose always matters

How we roll comes from our core

The checkered flag is left in tatters

Our time’s no more behind

The future crossed the line


If we clash and toil

And blood begins to boil

We must work hard each day

Make life turn out okay

I’m disqualified for plain insight

But not going by the books

Only the moment tells what is right

Without empathy leaders become crooks

Let’s prove our love is fine

Our time is on the line

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