Falling Angel



I’ve sunk to a new low

Hit the past day’s horizon

Pulled deep with the undertow

Across the space the sky’s on

I raise my cup to life

Drink coffee as I’m climbing

The day cuts like a knife

Impeccable in timing

As I rocket past

Through blue or grey: a blast


Darkness fades


A rebirth to years of

Cycles turning

Once closed to all light

Forever I’m learning

Not always aware

And never returning

The same as the night



A vision seen like clay pottery

Intricate design



Bright and dripping


Pouring rivers of molten lava

into flowing thoughts

through the trees

into the center of the Earth

You and I

Taking rehearsed dives into the dark

Into the night



Full of Life


Day fades into night

The joy of bright sunlight outside

flowing through open blinds

throwing warmth on the room

is absent

I’m surrounded by darkness

creeping in corners and under doors

Electric lamp has a shallow reach

But energy pervades

And I resonate with subconscious current


Dreams arrive now

Or moments later

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