Logic, Faith, The Power of Kindness



As I see the logic engaging with the gears,

Falling into place,

Enhancing the new picture,

Presenting avenues of thought


Emotion in the days,

Advances in the moment launch

Once it’s structure’s stable,


The entire system functions isolated yet whole,

Changing all the while,

Engaging the core meaning,

Creating pathways that won’t stop,


Dynamics and sure style,

Challenges of the moment won

Through initiatives in perceiving,


Senses take us far,

Thought can take us farther,

Logic builds on what we know,

It’s how to support the meaning,

Beyond any question


Energy: a star’s worth,

Emotion is a true world,

On faith we all are leaning,


As I have the visions and listen to the echoes,

Dancing in my brain,

Expressing with a rhythm,

Compelling actions like small talk


Feedback on high gain,

Your glances in the moment won

By being kind, not vain

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