Determined Perception

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Sporting blue jeans and a light fall jacket,

He looked around and did not see a soul,

Not enterprising, like now in his racket,

Works so we all have the same wellness goal,

Good health for the most, means happy to get by,

Fair days come from hard work, and sharing when we can,

With intense looks now, there’s a mission in his eye,

Indifferent to the rain, a chill won’t change his plan,

So he walks on surely, too rock-solid to shiver,

Raw electricity comes from within,

Surges into efforts, each action delivers,

Potential waits as his new charge begins,

Meaning rings each hour, persistent are the chimes,

Synchronous perception, has vision far past time

An after thought on this is:  You can’t really go further than time.  ‘Far past’ seems to be a measure of distance.  Time is duration.  Space is distance.  I couldn’t think of words to describe this relationship.  Does anyone know?

Causality & synchronicity to time & space: Congruent?

I want to apply these ideas in mental health.  I can see it applying for me.  How can I describe, and instruct on that, so that it can help others?

Any thoughts?

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