Pass the Word, Share the Vision




Always aware of something,


Always working for something better,

Brightened day,

Isolation fades,

In the city,

On the highway,

In the country,

Faces seen through forests,

Leaves and branches,

Maybe from on the road,


In the wires, amid lampposts, buildings,


Each impacts our center of gravity,

Words and visions have a physical force that can be,

Just enough to trigger great change,

Of the human position,

Our perspective,

To find and live,

In harmony with many – Dissonance with few,

Daylight, city lights,

Kitchen is filled with helpers,

The chairs at the table,

Are pulled right up to the table,



Incandescent or florescent glows,

Outside, we also live,

In the sunshine, or in the rain,

In the cold,

By the starlight,

We all must find a place to work things out,

Our plans,

Our conversation,

The sharing of our views can illuminate pathways,

Favorable for the group of us,

All of us,

Despite setbacks and obstacles:

A vision of fairness,

And the sound of awareness,

Can bring us harmony,

Through understanding and empathy,

Pass the word,

Share the vision

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