Saying the Right Thing

Social media is a very complex animal, but then any social interaction could also be subject to serious study (and of course – many have been).  One thing that I have encountered in dealing with social media is that I often have a lot to say and that it is very difficult to always express my ideas effectively.  For example in emails, it is easy to say too much.  A lot of people just don’t have time for paragraph upon paragraph.  Then I may find that I have opened a can of worms, and need more words just to fill out a concept, or do justice to my personality in any sort of edgy or difficult conversation.  From making mistakes by being verbose, it can cause one to clam up and then not say enough!!  It may take practice, a clear mind and patience to communicate effectively with the social animal – social media!

This poem is about an essay, and the fact that people can convey so much with words, but also that one word can make all the difference.  Everyday it is necessary to leave our social expression to interpretation:  walking down the street, at a coffee shop, on the internet or at any social gathering.  It can be very difficult to share our personalities – our stories, virtues, strengths or weaknesses, without leaving an interpretation that may be at least slightly inaccurate.  Creating a good impression can be difficult.  One word can be the difference.

Okay, we all have heard the most useful and excellent saying: “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.”  This is accurate most often in so many ways.  Correct me if I am wrong, but sometimes – just sometimes: it is still possible to get some idea about a personality by clothing, hairstyle etcetera, often because a person is trying to make that statement!  Still: A personality is very difficult to judge in any case.  Communication (what is in the book) is often our best tool in this research.  A conversation, a poem, a song, an essay or a book can be a very important and powerful source of expression for one individual. Blogs may be a great tool for someone that needs to express.  I hope I said the right thing.

Essay- from one word

(Not so clear at the presentation)

Smooth . . .

Shuffle, shuffle,

Relax…. Sift quickly over the pertinent sheets.


Here it is.  The answers are here.

Flowing through crevices and cracks of the vocabulary and intricately woven grammar,

One word answer:

Shuffle, shuffle,


Flow:  Energy.

Crumple, Crumple,

Great throw,


Can be too negative.

Flow:  Virtue – there it is.

Resting, perching

Waiting, pinned to the wall.  Read it. Must think about it . . .

Thump. . .Vast resources.  Big book.

Apply it.

Can it be utilized?

Or will it drag the reader through the dust?

Push the button,

Hum, whir, click,



Flash – a screen of reality, illuminating all the dimensions of virtual vision,

Thoughts transferred directly, if distantly into a bright, tangible display,

Not helpful,

Still looking for one word,

Tap, tap, tap, click, tap, tap, tap, click, Tap, TAP, TAP, Enter,

Whir, beep, blip,

Flow:  Energy can be neither created or destroyed . . .

Virtuous buzz.


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