Everyday New Beginnings

This is an introductory note, and a test in some ways as well…

Just like any other day there has been a number of transitions and challenges.  One of my main concerns, as it likely is for the majority – is to make money and put food on the table, a roof over my head, etcetera. I have a normal income as an electrician.  Problem is:  I am out with an injury and on top of that I have ambitions to go back to university and find new ways to make money.  It is not that I am not making money in my current career, but that I am gravitating to my interests in psychology and philosophy – and to finding more purpose in my goals.  I want to help people with psychological issues.  I find myself having insight that may be useful to others.  This has been consistent.  Optimism has been a mission of mine as far back as I can remember.

I have recently assembled a collection of lyrics and poetry which I am going to post. I will post piece by piece, with some descriptions and many pictures that I have taken (a few pics from my dad). I hope that this will be helpful, or at least allow me to share about ways that I have coped (and found successes) in my life.

In this first note, I will tell a bit about the collection.  I have the approximate date for a number of the poems, also having many recent entries.  However, a lot of the poems had no dates, but were in my attic, garage or in my attaché case, which I recently entered into my laptop.  There are a number of poems which have still to be entered.  We will see how long this blog continues…

The introductory poem here, was just on a random piece of paper:

Turn me into ice water cold


Quietly I walk across the floor

A sound outside, a car rumbles far beyond the door,

Given night beside the day, I couldn’t ask for more,

With everything in motion, silently I wait,

Isolated showers trickle past the window pane,

And almost softly I think about the day…

This is about awareness, and influenced by the rainy climate that I live in.  I am also considering how close we are to the outside world – even in our own homes.  We can find ourselves facing the elements at any given moment. Awareness is one of the main themes of my collection, and I have identified four themes to start off with:  Challenge, Awareness, Perseverance and Love.  These are the tools towards progress and recovery as I will address in my next blogs.  Optimism definitely fits in there.

1 thought on “Everyday New Beginnings

  1. Erin

    so delighted to see that you’ve entered the blog-o-sphere Mike 🙂 I love your poetry, and look forward to hearing more…


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