Isolated Showers and One Definition of Nature

Buntzen Freedom

Senses bring us in tune with nature and the daily weather,

It’s an awareness of beauty, and at times, savage power,

Nature is everything,

Pollution, cities, and people are nature,

Humans are creatures that impact,


All that is,

Spirit, material, paradox and all human perception: Nature


A Life’s Work



Shaping the future takes learning of the past,

Effort in the present. Confidence. Craft.

Triumph in life starts as we begin to crawl,

Can we build a better world – to suit all?

Impossible depends on mood and flimsy data,

Perseverance pays off, but just a little while later.


The timing of when I wrote this is striking to me.  When I look back, even though I was oblivious to the connection in this industry, and specifically today’s world, I see parallels that must have driven it, beyond punctuation, rhyme and poetry.


Sanity in Working Together


This is a quick poem, that I have adapted and posted on twitter.  Basically it is about finding mental health through making progress, working together and NOT wasting time.


Of the frivolous ways to spend my days,

Nothing is worse than questioning the future,

So, if I dare, to stare into space,

I’ll try to make sure, I’m not planning a detour,

Because time is the essence, it’s okay if it’s lessons,

But not delays that drag days on without gain,

Life becomes better, when we’re working together,

When time engages through all stages, we feel sane

Forever is Right Now


Time is not a fleeting thing,

It is permanent,

Like the impression of a moment,

In the records of life,


The soul is experienced in waves of connected, flowing, perception,

The stem carries

Blossoms of life, that open and find form,

Time takes away endless tomorrows,

But leaves forever today

Energy Transfer

2014 summer starts 013

For the skies, the cold ground surges,

New life from old life emerges,

Energy courses through potential,

Back and fourth or round and round,

Gravity gives us a sense of balance,

Even if our days are challenged,

Power in time consumes and purges,

For the ground, the sky speaks & urges



Shower Song

I did this over ten years ago, off the top of my head, with only a few memorized lyrics.  This is one of my only poems EVER with course language. I shared the recording with brand new colleagues.  Mistake.  What may be the bigger mistake is the reaction and interpretation people have had.  This may be the piece which created so much stigma, as to draw fire.  Really it is mostly subconscious rambling, with a very much less than accurate reflection of my actual behavior, experience and true values, although it is clearly in the undercurrent.  It is heavy metal poetry, not all real life.  It is not sexist.  It is not depraved.  If that is how people have interpreted it, then shame on them. Get your mind out of the gutter.

12:59 Shower

For the last challenge,

You will have a ice cold shower…

An ice cold shower?

An ice cold shower…

Freezing cold winter rain causing subliminal pain,

Burning hot summer heat, wipes you off your frickin feet, hey,

Translucent white of the ashes,

Flying from the volcano, in the heart of the city,

Industrial pipes billowing smoke clouds that drip on you every day,

And they burn through your skin,

And your place in the city is just too close to the city,

Watch the rain as it comes down fast,

You can see the faces of the under-known,

Watch the clouds as they pass on by,

You can see the faces of the other silent watchers,

On the other silent planet, with the other silent,

Traces of time on the edge of your moment,

Makes you feel like you shouldn’t have ever known it,

I can’t believe what has happened…

To the place where I used to be in the most,

Desperate change to the need in your reach,

The conversation having you, is having you beat,

You can’t understand why there looking down on you like that,

Looking up into the sky,

It makes me wonder why,

I’m thinking all the time that there is going to be some saving grace,

And you just let the reflections of God, given to you,

And let you receive, unto this beneficial bullshit,

Pinned down by the man,

The one that’s up above,

Staring at you like you are just a little piece of work,

That needs some seasoning, you frickin little jerk,

And then you see the idle eyes,

Are in the brain and in the skies,

You know that he is really,


Connected to you,

Through some passage,

Through some thought,

Through some subconscious pathway,

Fucking bullshit.





How the hell do you expect to receive it by standing on your porch?

Your porch is underground,

Oh taste the fresh, or just confess good,

I want to see Frankenstein, growing in this,

But that I can tell ya, that I can tell what I say,

He’s chasing the other dream,

He has thoughts and he has feelings,

She is right and she’s believing,

No one can be cooking more than me,

Oh we have iodized, idealized precision,

And we just know that one thing to do is every day,

Make your decision,

Pitter patter, let’s get at ‘er,

Pitter patter, it’s pouring outside,

That’s not pitter patter – that’s rapid torrential thumping,

It’s raining outside, but it’s kind of intermittent,

While yesterday’s massive storm left me drenched,

It seems the calm can be refreshed,

and we can leave the daily mess,

But you were twisting your words like a wrench,

Intermittent intimate,

Enter, enter, intermittent intimate,

Intermittent intimate,

What I say,

Well it’s nice out outside,

And it’s finally subsided,

And the calm can be refreshed every day,

Is seems the skin that is burning is from your yearning,

And we make it through just this way,

Intermittent intimate,

Intermittent intimate,

Oh kitten, Intermittent,

I meant it all baby,

Constant refusal is kind of amusing,

I can’t stand it any fucking more,

You want to get down with the sound of your feeling,

But there’s nowhere to go when you’re sore,

Chase the ace…

Oh, she’s sweet…

Take, the last, breath of the day,

12:59 How ya feeling, Fine,

That’s alright – How are you?

We all doing alright just to know that you’re good,

And you know what to do,

Save your last,

Charm yourself,

Charm the rest,

Pass the test,

Take it again, if you don’t make it,

Constant improvement of your soul,

Through passing, and failing, and changing,



Blue, Green Home

leepic 055 (2)

Painting by Lee Matuga

Where are we now?

Deep within our world,

Are we doing well?

What work needs to be done?

Can we relax and savour the moment?

In due time,

We are here,

As real as Ever,

Enjoying the breaths,

Between finding more

And being unaware,

Need to see the grace,

Reach peace


A few thoughts:

Try not to fixate.

It can distort the view, and amplify stress.

I’m crashing out,

putting some words together,

depending on my mood.

Top or bottom of the yo-yo,

it’s all a phase.

Think about what tides you through,

And find ways to be well on the journey.

Things will change. Focus can stay the same. Look past the gong show, until you have balance again.

Take care!!