Lake Symphony

The nearby mountains sing of life in the foothills,

Not much beats the stellar’s jay and squirrel’s shrill,

The lurking clouds hold a bold chorus key,

The murky shores echo local forestry,

All join together with wind and the sunshine,

The lake and our fate orchestrate for this one time

A Crow’s Flight


Finding the Light like a Crow’s Flight (December 2013)

I live in the shadow of my own dream,

For days and days I climb over mounds of

Buried plans, mud-sliding under my feet,

A giant excavator is pouring,

Obstacles of truth, and my boot gets stuck,

Just like a child at play, I leave the boot,

Now wallowing in piles of ideas,

And so filthy, I cannot go to school,

A mess, marked by the mire of the shadows,

Going back to retrieve my sure-footing,

What would the classmates say, or the teachers?

‘Just go home son, and come back tomorrow’,

This is not a choice for me now, adult,

There is no tomorrow, only here and now,


Covered in half-baked mud and crud, I rise,

Can you question the state of the worker?

Fresh from the job, in constant toil, no rest,

Make no assumptions with all I have seen,

I climb to the top of the slope, grabbing

The roots of trees hanging where mud erodes,

Scrambling for the light of my goals and dreams,

My fingernails thick with dirt, I climb up,

And soon lay past the treacherous incline,

Panting, gasping, sweaty, covered in grime,

Sit up:  look for the success of such steps,

A full forest shields the light that I look for,

Dense woods, cedar and pine scraping the sky,

I can hear the echo of my own hopes,

I walk through grass and brush,

The fierce scolding of a crow reaches me


The sun sets far beyond tangled forests,

It is getting late – I will take no chance,

The dark forest may go on endlessly,

I face the night in the clearing,

And free myself from false comforts,

Branches that shelter from the weather,

But block the sky’s certain truth,

I wait for the moon to tell the future,

I have been right: tomorrow does not begin,

I sleep in the barren wilderness with dark dreams,

In the morning, the sun rises again: Today,


Steam follows, orange, and magenta skies,

Even the shadows hide, on my day of thoughts,

Save the brilliance of the screeching crow,

That clears the silence and wakes the day,

I am free now, to search the forest for truth,

Even to look far for the other side,

Today I tread over mulch, branches and leaves,

Skip across creeks, and reach down to taste cold water,

Wash my face in the mountain run-off,

Try to make sense of it all, and build plans,

What will I do with the light and the night?

Who will be the guide: the sun, moon or stars?

When the path is a reflection, like in the moon,

Is our shadow more awake?


Or do we live in a more pure form, as we always follow the sun?

As the truth builds mountains: can we dig through?

Or climb over, respected for our work,

Aware of the dangers of the forest at night,

Face the black, cold midnight that lays out dreams to follow in the day,

Not fearful of visions of darkness,

That boldly shape our waking hours,

We make our decisions wise each day,

By embracing spirit beyond our fabricated fears,

Dreams hold clear ties to the light, the night

and follow the crow’s flight

Sense of Freedom, in Nature and Mood


Freedom can provide us with opportunities to observe nature,

Freedom is intermittent,

Like rain, it may start in a torrent,

Or leave as a mist,

It can come and go in gusts,

Or hover in the clouds indefinitely,

The drought is wicked,

Floods can be worse,

Then we gather our senses




Had to finish these twitter poems.  I’m thinking of writing other works, if I get some free time!

Freedom, to me depends on mood and situation more than anything. If anxiety or suffering creeps in, parts of freedom, or some perception/visions of freedom can fade.

One Definition of Nature

Senses bring us in tune with nature and the daily weather,

It’s an awareness of beauty, and at times, savage power,

Nature is everything,

Pollution, cities, and people are nature,

Humans are creatures that impact,


All that is,

Spirit, material, paradox and all human perception: Nature

Sanity in Working Together


Picture taken by my Dad

This is a quick poem, that I have adapted and posted on twitter.  Basically it is about finding mental health through making progress, working together and NOT wasting time.


Of the frivolous ways to spend my days,

Nothing is worse than questioning the future,

So, if I dare, to stare into space,

I’ll try to make sure, I’m not planning a detour,

Because time is the essence, it’s okay if it’s lessons,

But not delays that drag days on without gain,

Life becomes better, when we’re working together,

When time engages through all stages, we feel sane

Forever is Right Now


Time is not a fleeting thing,

It is permanent,

Like the impression of a moment,

In the records of life,


The soul is experienced in waves of connected, flowing, perception,

The stem carries

Blossoms of life, that open and find form,

Time takes away endless tomorrows,

But leaves forever today

Energy Transfer

2014 summer starts 013

For the skies, the cold ground surges,

New life from old life emerges,

Energy courses through potential,

Back and fourth or round and round,

Gravity gives us a sense of balance,

Even if our days are challenged,

Power in time consumes and purges,

For the ground, the sky speaks & urges



Blue, Green Home

leepic 055 (2)

Painting by Lee Matuga

Where are we now?

Deep within our world,

Are we doing well?

What work needs to be done?

Can we relax and savour the moment?

In due time,

We are here,

As real as Ever,

Enjoying the breaths,

Between finding more

And being unaware,

Need to see the grace,

Reach peace


A few thoughts:

Try not to fixate.

It can distort the view, and amplify stress.

I’m crashing out,

putting some words together,

depending on my mood.

Top or bottom of the yo-yo,

it’s all a phase.

Think about what tides you through,

And find ways to be well on the journey.

Things will change. Focus can stay the same. Look past the gong show, until you have balance again.

Take care!!

Precipitate Belief in Knowledge

Celebrate good times, work hard so they improve,

If music flows like water, weather sets the groove,

Enjoy life past sun or storm, stay certain we can achieve,

Avoid mistakes in action, develop what we believe,

Hurtling through time like a hydrous meteor,

To get past collisions, insight must lead us more,

Learning to live best, by taking time to test,

Blast past fear or doubt, by knowing all the rest,

Fill thought to the top, and don’t leave out the bottom,

Good days or bad days, everybody’s got them,

For each challenge on cue, we ask what can we bring,

When confidence stays true, we get past anything,

Never stop questioning, and always find more faith,

We get better answers, if our senses in knowledge bathe

Real Vision


It is really on the peripheral,

Sometimes it pours like a waterfall,

Out of the corner of my eye,

All I see is glimmers,

And when I refocus on the path I follow,

I learn to love the day much more,


Sometimes it appears much different,

Red salmon swim at the current,

If total vision is out of reach,

Shapes and colours linger,

Until we refresh the image and breathe deep,

We assimilate what we see,


Read the real vision with your own vocabulary,

Take the sights you see,

The sounds you hear,

Find more peace for you,


Feel the real vision with your soul, it ain’t so scary,

Work hard to be glad,

Take good with bad,

Find some peace for you,


It is watching time and the daily parade,

It is seeing ways to make the grade,

Jog my memory, up a steep hill,

Feel the burn, and hunger still,

For the top,

That is hard to see,

I stretch my mind and look through trees,

Top to bottom, keep the faith,

Keep a goal that always stays,


Real vision,

See it crystal clear,

Real vision,

Always stay aware,

Real vision,

Make the most of your senses,

Real vision,

Don’t be apprehensive,


Find more peace for you,

Do what you can do,

Find more peace for everyone,

Find some peace for you,


It’s really on the peripheral,

Sometimes it pours like a waterfall,

Out of the corner of my eye,

All I see is glimmers,

And when I refocus on the path I follow,

I learn to love the day much more,


It’s really what I take in my soul,

Take in my mind, take as my goal,

Of everything that I feel,

Life is a dream that shimmers,

What I reach out to will surely follow,

And distant focus simmers,

I try for common sense and confidence to get through,

I learn to love the moment and work hard to keep it true