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Waves (Power of a Star)

Waves you’re sending me

Float like sunlit clouds

Pitch black night is hidden by your

Candlelight so proud

I reach out to hold the flame

Kind, friendly and dream-enhancing

I’m beseeched to join the waves

Time-mending and fire dancing

Flowing moves

Glowing grooves

Power of a star


Waves I’m sending you

Seen as unfit by crowds

Rich life sights are contrast to my

Daily fights and doubts

I reach out to hold the days

Wild, blending and future-glancing

I’ve preached that kindness saves

Rhyme lending and cure advancing

Peace improves

Good love soothes

Power of a star


Stretching across our horizon

Waves of energy churn

Painted dream

All eyes are on

Through haze

Life grows clear as they burn

Vision plays in soft clouds

Lake carries us on its back

Spirit holds mountains

The sky’s long


Proud in a crowd

Won’t look back



of a star


Waves we send out

Pound down like top hit songs

It’s light I’m driven by

In your Courage and right from wrong

I reach out to shout and proclaim

Mind caring and Nature-romancing

I’m pleased when true love saves

Time pending on new trends chancing

Flowing moves

Glowing grooves

Power of a star


Oh Canada.

Your soul reaches out to me

Pierces with sultry vision

Your smoky summer sky

Twisting pride of centuries

In furious and vaulting tension

Sacrificed in a tinderbox

Fierce tears of

Silenced smoke that seethe

And pool in your sacred basin

Nothing I say will be enough

How can I bring you comfort?


Disintegrated feelings between

Respect and communication

Water should meet mind’s eye

Dousing dry responsibility

of obscure passing mention

Hypnotizing neglect of loss

Sheer crease in

Paper-horizon agrees

Fuel in hazy lazy writing

Nothing I say will be enough

How can I please you?


I love our world

and our sun

and our Canada

Can we share

All our care

Can we work and plan it out?

Can we be friends?

Common sense

Love can span the sky

No in between

In this scene

Those above must

Do more than try

It is our Earth

and our sun

and our Canada

Free the land

and the sky

Only for Peace and Love

We must stand on guard


Your soul reaches down to me

Inspires me in my mission

Until the day I die

Shimmering shapes of histor

show no care or apprehension

Ravishing fire of lightning shock

Frees fear with

Ravaging rage of the breeze

News is charged and biting

I say too much

How do I heal and hold your beauty?