Latent content?

guitar dime 004


This is the second sonnet I wrote this morning.  They are connected (see in the blog below this one). We all pout and are gaudy sometimes. Hate to be misunderstood.


Each of Us (Making an Impression)

All that we know – surely shaped by our brain,

Much of life truly trained by our body,

Some may fight in streets in the pouring rain,

One of us pouts and preens and is gaudy,

What may change is the view – last in line smiles,

Material world does not capture all,

Giving up what they knew, lost the fine styles,

Latent content is where most of us fall,

Sudden shift for some –  happens all the time,

Try to shake it up a bit more each day,

The trickle down – it comes right to the dime,

How fair to ignore concerns far away?

One chance to make an impression on you,

Sometimes – not a single thing I would do

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