Dragons in Economy

leepic 068 (2)

Painting: Lee Matuga

This is a bit of writing about how hard it is to find the job you need, and what we can do to remain in a productive balance of looking for the right job while not getting eaten up by the other entities that  challenge us.

The system changes and we play catch up,

When it stays the same, we will bitch and moan,

Technical advances – then the gigs up,

Mighty dollar cannot be overthrown,

Revolution rises and then is crushed,

Each of us a dragon guarding treasure,

Fire-filled face with buried fear is flushed,

Chasing prey till weakness is in measure,

New wave hits, so we challenge what is wrong,

No wasted chance – each must find ways to win,

Karma always waiting – forever strong,

Thousands of years today: end and begin,

Is it fair to sit back, enjoy the day?

Wait for fate: try not to suffer away?

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