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A Look-Out: Perceptions – Free of Stigma and Economy’s Social Trials

A Look-Out in Nature:  Perceptions – Free of Stigma and Economy’s Social Trials

When there is absolutely nothing better to do,

I read a book, few of ancient eyes have ever knew,

Why sit passively writing past the end of days view,

The sky stretched across the city, the snapshot stays true,

The bright shining sphere lights up every page outside,

No one has seen this before – the day’s light never lied,

This moment waited forever till now to be tried,

Vision reels with the core view – the stigma why I cried,

My perception is not seen, by anyone but me,

Injustice of a few things, are hard for them to see,

With righteous eyes opening, connecting is a key,

My cognitions are grinding until the day I’m free,

Yesterday had good hours, now – maybe today too,

Have to keep the world spinning, when worries seem so few,

One moment of comfort falters, and that is my cue,

Proving complex points of view, can really take you through,

You see nothing that I claim – my writing seems a bore,

Last verse there’s a challenge that you really can’t ignore,

Just like the convenience you bought from the closest store,

The package slightly different from every one before,

After a long day, I reflect on the day,

When there is absolutely nothing better to do,

One night I may seek the dark hues aged fine to get through,

I mean why turn to sit on the grass when I feel blue?

The absolute strongest way to live, just known by few:

Just to stare at the sky across the country that’s grey,

The white clouds have drifted beyond the trees where I lay,

Fly wings, fly – chase distant dreams overlapping the day,

Flocks of birds pass by above, spinning high as I pray,

Eagle, circling my prayer of love, shadowed in the seas,

Salty schools of fish spied, I sit in the tops of trees,

Then up to the mountains, where the ancient waters freeze,

Just below, scenic plateau, there is a telling breeze,

The look-out, hidden from economy’s social trials,

My face is not well-known, but is seen by all the miles,

The evolution of this place, the inner ghost riles,

Nature laughs amongst itself, the once free- thinker smiles,

As I stop to think, really summon my spirit thought,

I gaze far and wide- imagine each secluded plot,

What will this environment dictate, what has been taught?

Where, when, how can I rise in life, as to this sacred spot?


I wrote this today about a hike yesterday…. There are a few other meanings involved.  Feel free to ask.