Expect Good Results



Today I awoke, I was on the edge,

I will go for broke, I must make this pledge,

To be sure of life, balance with great care,

Take steps to be right, stay calmly aware,


Dreams I have hang on, even as I wake,

Nightmares will be gone, worries I can break,

It’s a frame of mind, confidence must learn,

Leave nervous thoughts behind, reach for goals we yearn,


Stress is persistent, but it falls away,

Time’s so resistant, seconds seem to stay,

Memories can teach, find new ways to plan,

Strategies will each, guide us through this land,


Life I have is good, really can’t complain,

Answers plainly put: patience in my brain,

Thinking straight and clear, right through stressful clouds,

Realize truth is near, completely calm in crowds,


Days when it is tough, some uncertain time,

Break through all that stuff, as each of our signs climb,

If pessimistic, we won’t make it past,

If less holistic, cure is not as fast,


Weathering the weather, we’re on top of it,

Comes all together, at least a little bit,

Makes days more easy, simple to get through,

Challenges there may be, solved soon: old or new,


So I breathe real deep, learn to carry on,

Good times we will keep, tough times should be gone,

And it won’t be long, since we strive through stress,

In mind is a song, helps through any mess,


And a real deep breath, sends troubles away,

Time with you is best, every single day,

You are all I need, all I could ever want,

Spirit of you and me, never lets threats haunt,


We burn through the issues, make problems dissolve,

Disintegrate the blues, and any angst involved,

Let’s always relax, focus as we work,

Calmly watch our backs, conquer when life’s a jerk,


As we fight battles, strength comes from within,

Stuff in life rattles, staying cool helps us win,

Waking up today, hanging for a while,

Life’s way more than okay, you always make me smile,


All that’s going on, helps us laugh out loud,

Kids play on the lawn, we are surely proud,

Space for us adults, sometimes on the edge,

Expect good results, is my final pledge,


What of the future, and what we’ve learned so far?

Some spots have the lure, cross the world goes your star,

Pray content for all, wish all pain was mild,

Together break the wall, save the whole world’s child,


So moving ahead, feeling only Love,

Goals that I have said, and what we’re dreaming of,

In time huge progress, we make it so real,

Like our soon success, with ambitions of steel,


Sure to always stay, way on top of our world,

Take it day by day, with my love – my girl,

Connection we share, all of us caring,

Keep love past compare, ignore those overbearing,


Means no compromise, take on all forces,

As we energize, each has resources,

That which charges them, may stand on it’s own,

Each has a system, indifference isn’t known,


Glad that some things change, while we forever stay,

Courage always remains, far past the edgy day,

Work day in day out, peace of mind gets pure,

And far beyond a doubt, faith has found a cure,


At times we may worry, see how we all behave,

But when we don’t hurry, each one of us can save,

Embrace the moment, care for every thought,

With arms wide open, between us we share a lot,


Diving from this plane, deep water past this cliff,

Always resurface sane, like a wicked guitar riff,

Bold and strong -that’s us, sometimes calmly coast,

The future we can trust, our love’s what matters most



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