Combatting Addiction and Loneliness

There is no easy solution to addiction or loneliness.

I guess I would like to make a couple of quick points about the most recent blogs.

The best solution may be in the original theme for this blog: Challenge (your problems), find, develop and maintain: Love (its all inside), Create and have Awareness, and Persevere in your efforts.

I also wanted to note that I mentioned Morrison and Hendrix in a very recent blog – that they are alphabetical on my ipod.  That’s true.  Hey these guys were messed up in some ways, but they did have an underlying message – especially of love and energy. Mostly you will hear Jim Morrison with the Doors, but he also has some personally labelled tracks.  I find all of these artists amazing and inspiring.  I saw the Doors play, with Ian Astbury on vocals (twice). Incredible musicians!! Most importantly, Ray and Robby. Unfortunately for the audience, Densmore was not there.  Ray has since passed on, but I am sure that they are having a good jam.

On the latter half of the alphabetical list, and with a tonne of work – Mr. Hendrix is still playing on my ipod now.

For those that are committed to science, we must be sure that our science is inclusive, and does not forget the spirituality and religion that most, if not all of the societies in the world have been rooted in.
A short poem as I have agreed to:

Phantasmal reassurance,

Forgotten friends… Not yet.. Not now.. Not ever…

The weather permits a day of peace, before we may be on the storm again,

Never sitting silently, for I can hear my heart beat,

And the rhythm of the stars comes from galaxies away


While we all have different tastes in music, or art, or science – I think that we are all in some sense driven by energy that is out of this world. I also listen to very current tunes… that are out of this world- modern rock, metal and pop are still raising the bar!!

If we can challenge the problems in front of us, with inner-strength and draw from the systems around us, we are one step closer to succeeding. Risking our health in addiction, can not only hold us back, but be our downfall – as it has been for many people including: great artists. I am committed to practicing moderation, and it is a good guideline, especially when starting to party.  I’m not saying that the extremes always have bad outcomes, but that they do have the potential to wreck your life.

One theme in my blog is C.L.A.P.! (Challenge, Love, Awareness, Perseverance). Challenge problems, and mistaken perceptions. Find love in the world.  This can be difficult, but by developing love where we can, we can live happier.  Have awareness and create awareness of the world that we experience.   Intent challenging to be aware can not only help us understand our own world, but sometimes bring others to help our cause. Perseverance is necessary to endure and achieve.


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