Keeping Goal-pursuit Rolling

If you are just tuning in now, you may want to read the previous blog (below) that this blog is closely tied to.

I mentioned how attention needs to be spread out while pursuing multiple goals.  I also indicated that I believe goal-pursuit can sometimes keep rolling even without acute focus or direct attention.  I believe that this is possible in the period after a goal has received intense focus.  I feel that optimism and confidence can give goal-pursuit a boost, which may in part be influenced by a person’s social network.  For example, the success of a composition would typically be achieved only after being completed (with direct focus).  The optimism and confidence of the author can be noticed by readers and potential critics.  This positive confidence may “rub off” on the readers, or influence them to share this confidence – and in turn: encourage success for the work, even while the author moves on to tackle other goals.  Even without direct attention:  goal-pursuit is still making progress.  I just wanted to clear up my original comments on this.

The following poem is also about goal pursuit.  Here I discuss a process of learning.  I also describe a catalyst – similar to the social influence in goal-pursuit that I mention above: ‘fair treatment moves me forward.’

Once the wheels are in motion, goal-pursuit can make progress even without as much direct attention.  The planning that is important in goal-pursuit is discussed here – as well as the trials and tribulations that one must endure to find success.  Often, the effort you put in to a project will show in the results you get out.  Having a considerate attitude can show up in ‘Karma’ that I also address here.

Transcend (2013)

Proven by failing, success through trial and error,

Movement forward, progress is defined and prepared,

New vent for the true stress can make life feel real fair,

Smoothened fate now best – given insight to take care,

Driven straight for the goal that’s ahead of me now,

Living a chain of new quests, from urges to vows,

Given a radiant sky helps imagine just how,

Striving is easier when a clear mind allows,


Free thought,


Fair treatment, moves me forward,

I have got this fire burning deep in my soul,

May it never, not ever, begin to grow old,

Consistent expertise won’t make me immortal,

I read a book about a star – in song its told,

Proven in the past, success showing love and care,

Movement sideways, progress is denied and repaired,

New vent for ways to stress- monitored and then shared,

The next day’s fate must be planned to make it all fair,

Driven straight for the goal that’s most possible now,

Hidden pot hole, traffic changes, scheduled to plough,

Given roads, trudge along, endure ridicule, scowls,

Different view, here comes the test, must pass it somehow,


Free speech,


Fair destiny coming soon,

Heaven is waiting, come on down, don’t dissipate,

Striving for saving at any cost – soon or late,

Living while paving, the highest roads must be made,

Scripted by sages, the future plans always change,


Free flowing,



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